With over 30 years’ experience in industrial fan manufacturing and applications, Patterson knows air movement. From high velocity to high volume, warehouse loading docks to pick modules, their industrial fans are YOUR SOLUTION.


What is a High Velocity Fan?

High velocity fans are heavy-duty fans with blades designed to spin at accelerated speeds to project air over long distances. These powerful, high-efficiency fans are often utilized to ventilate partially or wholly enclosed spaces, dry out humid or moist environments, and cool people off when there’s little or no air-conditioning. High velocity fans use less energy than air conditioners, cooling only the skin instead of all the air in a space.


What is a HVLS fan?

An HVLS fan is a high-volume, low-speed ceiling fan greater than seven feet in diameter. Its large size stirs up and moves enormous amounts of air in all directions. The increased air circulation replaces hot, humid air with drier air.

Additional benefits of this fan type include:
•  More comfortable work environment
•  Better air circulation
•  Minimal noise
•  Heightened energy efficiency
•  Controls pests

Workplace safety improves with HVLS fans. Designed to hang from the ceiling, they eliminate trip dangers associated with corded pedestal-mounted or wheeled fans. The air circulation from HVLS fans curbs ground moisture buildup, reducing slip hazards while improving vehicle traction. With no filter to accumulate dust and dirt, they’re ideal for people with allergies.


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