Commercial Vacuum Seals

What is Vacuum Packaging? Vacuum Packaging is the process of removing air around a food product and then sealing that product in an impermeable package.

Advantages of using vacuum packaging:
1. Allow saving in quantity buying, products may be bought in bulk at a low price, prepackaged & sell later.
2. Reduce product shrinkage, no moisture loss or evaporation. Same weight you pack, same weight you sell.
3. Enhance product quality and allow longer shelf like, 3-5 times, depending on the product.
4. Eliminate oxidation freezer burn.

Shrink Wrap Machines

What is Shrink Wrap? A clear plastic film is first sealed around the product, forming a bag, then subjected to heat, shrink tightly. Shrink Wrap adds luster, enhances appearance, keeps out dust & moisture. It reduces labeling labor and material costs, and can wrap unusual shapes. Shrink Wrap is also excellent for bundling, multipack promotions.

For Shrink Wrapping: Books, Magazines, Stationaries, Boxes, Toys, Crafts, Pictures, Baskets, Videos, Cards, Plats, Frames, Cups, Multipacks, Hardware, Radios, Cameras, Cookies, Household Products, Gifts, Dolls and Etc.

Cup & Tray Sealers

Easy to Use semi-auto machines for applying a lidding film over your plastic cups or trays. Simply fill the cup or tray, and load it into the mould. Then the machine will automatically take the cup/tray in and use heat and pressure to apply an easy-peel lidding film. This acts as a tamper-evidence for your products, as well as preserving the freshness of the product. There are also optional systems to do a gas flushing or vacuum available. Great for Liquids like Gelato, Yogurt, Ice Cream, Fruit Puree, Sauces, as well as other snack items like candies, fruits, and much more!

Weigh & Fill Machines

Are you currently filling your products by hand? The next progressive step is to use a semi-automatic weigh and fill machine. There are three types:

Semi Weigh & fill for free flow powder, granules such as rice, seeds, nuts, beans, sugar salt.

– Easily adjustable Cup Volume
– Semi-Automatic Filling Operation
– Stainless Steel Contact Parts and/or Plastic Cup Inserts
– Variable Speed Motor
– Controls Counter
– Emergency Stop
– Casters
– 115v., 1ph., 10 Amps

For hard to flow products such as chips, cookies, candy, dried fruit, flakes & mix.

* Linear Vibration Feeders precisely control the product in-feed to the hopper
* Color Touch-Screen delivers user-friendly operation
* Stainless Steel Parts and Framework
* Advanced PLC System Control
* Weighing Range: 100 – 3000g
* Hopper Volume: 5000mL
* Voltage: 220V / 50 or 60Hz / 1-phase
* Dimensions: 1815mm x 1500mm x 1280mm (LxWxH)

For powder, cream, paste, butter, putty or minced meat, coffee.

– 10-3,000gm Fill
– 10-30 per minute
– Dust Proof Cover with clear view panel
– Weigh Scale Check
– 1 Set of Auger Tooling
– Agitation with Fill or Continuous
– Digital Electronic Counter Fill Control
– Self-Diagnostic LED Display
– Manual Foot Switch or Automatic Fill
– 220 V, 3 PH, 60 Hz

Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid Filling Machines for all kinds of products from gels and pastes to water and juices.

Semi liquid, cream, viscous products with or without particles. Many models to meet different applications

– Stainless Steel Contact Parts
– Easy Disassemble & Clean-Up
– Air Operated Actuator Valve
– Footswitch or Semi-Auto operation
– Table Top Model (Horizontal)
– 115V., 1PH., 60Hz.

Viscous semi liquid, cream, paste, sauce, jam, toothpaste, soap, lotion, honey, etc.

Water, juice, tea, oil, sauce, drinks. single unit machine or system with conveyor, capper, labler, coder, etc.

Form & Seal Machines

Automatic Weighing, filling and packing for free flow powders, granules, bakery products, irregular objects, as well as liquids like icicles, juices, and sauces. Each model is custom-tailored to your product. Call us for more information!

Plastic Bag Ribbon Coder

Looking for a way to put an expiration date code or a batch number code on your plastic bags? Look no further as this Ribbon Coder is perfect for all types of bags. It comes with a full set of numbers and letters, and it uses actual black ribbon so that your coding will look great. It can be used manually with a foot-pedal, or semi-automatically with the coding mechanism pressing down at preset intervals. Prints up to 2 lines. Prints in less than a second per bag!

Food Wrapper

Looking for a way to sell your meats professionally like those in the supermarkets? Here is a perfect companion to get you started. Simply use our food-grade film with this Food Wrapper and you will have the ideal packaging for your meats, fish, poultry, produce, and even baked goods. This Food Wrapper utilizes a Teflon-covered hot plate and a cutting rod to make the usage of the film very easy.

Bag Neck Tape Sealers

To be used with Bag Neck Tapes, these sealers provide a quick and easy way to seal poly bags, most notably bread bags. Different colored Bag Neck Tapes can be used to make the product stand out. The Bag Neck Sealers are very easy to use. Simply fill the bag, twist and bundle the top portion (neck) of the bag, and push the bundle through the Bag Neck Sealer, where the tape will form a tight wrap around the neck of the bag.

Packaging Material

Vacuum Bags (Food Grade)

Size & Thickness Size & Thickness Size & Thickness
4” x 10” (3mil)

5” x 7” (3mil)

5” x 9” (3mil)

6” x 8” (3mil)

6” x 8” (4mil)

6” x 10” (3mil)

6” x 10” (4mil)

6” x 12” (3mil)

7” x 9” (3mil)

7” x 11” (3mil)

8” x 10” (3mil)

8” x 12” (3mil)

8” x 12” (4mil)

8” x 15” (3mil)

8” x 18” (3mil)

10” x 12” (4mil)

10” x 13” (4mil)

10” x 15” (3mil)

10” x 15” (4mil)

10” x 18” (3mil)

10” x 22” (3mil)

12” x 12″ (3mil)

12” x 16″ (4mil)

12” x 18″ (3mil)

12” x 22″ (3mil)

16” x 20″ (3mil)

16” x 24” (3mil)

Packaging Material

Meat Film

Machine rolls Cutter Box Rolls
10″ x 4921 ft

12″ x 4921 ft

15″ x 4921 ft

18″ x 4921 ft

12″ x 2000 ft

15″ x 2000 ft

18″ x 2000 ft

24″ x 2000 ft

Packaging Material

Polyolefin Shrink Film

Size & Thickness Size & Thickness
8”x3510’x75 gauge 10”x3510’x75 gauge / 10”x2625’x100 gauge
12”x3510’x75 gauge / 12”x2625’x100 gauge 14”x3510’x75 gauge / 14”x2625’x100 gauge
16”x3510’x75 gauge / 16”x2625’x100 gauge 18”x3510’x75 gauge / 18”x2625’x100 gauge