The JalemaClip is a flexible attachment mechanism that has become an unparalleled success thanks to its high-quality characteristics. The JalemaClip is ideal for bundling all sizes and types of documents.

The JalemaClip with the self-adhesive base can be applied to any file folder and allows you to leaf through the file like a book, add and remove pages without disturbing the rest of the file and make clean copies without removing the pages. The JalemaClip is available in standard yellow and blue. Triple your storage capacity by using vertical space. Jalema Filing is the most efficient large document storage system available.

–          Self-Adhesive Backing for easy application to File Folder
–          Easy removal and adding of pages
–          Keeps already punched and filed pages uniform and aligned
–          Filed pages can be easily copied neatly without removing them from the file
–          Strong 5″ long Plastic ‘legs’ for large file capacities
–          Sold 100 clips per bag

“W” Fold File Folders

“W” Fold File Folders
Letter / Legal size, ‘W’ Fold Lateral File Folders (Assorted Colors)
–          14 Point 185 lb. Folder
–          ‘W’ Fold for expansion to accommodate large volumes of paper

Mobile Systems

Mobile Systems are innovative storage systems with carriages running on wheels and tracks. Shelving units can be closely packed when access is not required, but can be moved to create an aisle when needed. Eliminating the need for permanent aisle space creates a smaller storage footprint, or higher capacity storage compared to typical fixed shelving. Mizer mobiles are professionally installed on level tracks with mechanical assist handles, making it possible to move very heavy loads with minimal effort.