Mobile Systems

Mobile Systems are innovative storage systems with carriages running on wheels and tracks. Shelving units can be closely packed when access is not required, but can be moved to create an aisle when needed. Eliminating the need for permanent aisle space creates a smaller storage footprint, or higher capacity storage compared to typical fixed shelving. Mizer mobiles are professionally installed on level tracks with mechanical assist handles, making it possible to move very heavy loads with minimal effort.

L&T Shelving

L&T Shelving provides the highest filing density per square foot, whether you’re filing letter or legal-sized documents. L&T can be configured to offer single or double-sided record access for easier filing and retrieval in less space. Compared to conventional four-drawer vertical files you would need 100 square feet of floor space to hold 1500 linear inches of material, while L&T Shelving only needs 40 square feet. That’s a floor space savings of 60%.

Boltless Rivet Shelving (Z-Line)

Heavy gauge double rivet boltless design and keyhole slots form a rigid framework. Quick, easy assembly without the need for cross bracing. Three post designs. Three deck types.  Four shelf-support designs. Units can be configured for multi-level applications, such as mezzanines.

Bulk Rack Shelving

Bulk Storage Rack is the ideal solution for storage applications that involve oversized and heavy products. Units configure units from four widths , five depths and seven heights. Choose from three decking options to meet multiple storage needs. Shelf capacities vary from 1,400 lbs. to 4,150 lbs. per shelf and upright capacity of 18,000 lbs.

Industrial Shelving (Q Line)

Box form shelf design available in two gauges to best match load capacity. Shelf corners are fully lapped & welded for extra strength. Three posts options are available. Units can be configured for multi-level applications, such as mezzanines. Units available with closed or open sides & backs.

Capstone Shelving

Double wall post construction conceals the keyhole slots for a clean, attractive appearance. Steel shoulder rivets, combined with steel uprights and shelf supports, offer up to 650 lb shelf capacity. Unique design offers time saving snap-together assembly without tools. A rubber mallet is required to secure supports. Shelves are adjustable in 1 1/2” increments to create custom openings for box storage, archives, supplies and more.

Commercial Grade Clip Shelving (ESP)

Commercial grade clip shelving that offers up to 250 lbs. capacity per shelf, evenly distributed. Shelves adjust on 1” increments for maximum flexibility. Available in three depths. Available with either four or five openings.

Automotive Shelving

Double wall construction keeps materials from slipping behind the upright. Shelves pull out easily for adjustability.  Slotted shelves allow for adjustable dividers to be placed where desired. Available with starter & add-on options.

Decorative Shelving (Regal)

Boltless design with light oak laminate shelves offer a clean, attractive appearance while maintaining durability. Double wall uprights conceal the keyhole. Units ship in single cartons. Starter and Adder units available. Capacity: 600 lbs. per shelf.

Open Shelf Filing (Imperial)

Maximize your file and other storage while using minimal floor space. Boltless design allows for quick and easy assembly. Units ship in single cartons. Available as Starter and Adder units. Double entry and single entry units available.